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Since 1995, in the Preshevo Valley we produce dairy products with the highest quality, combining traditional knowledge and modern technology. Encouragement for continuous improvement and perfection is you, the satisfied customers, and the generations that grow with our products.

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Fontana dairy products have been synonymous with quality for decades and the varied offer we offer. Meet our assortment.




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Supply The Best Organic Products Since 1995

When we decided in 1995 to form a new name in the dairy market, we asked ourselves three key questions:

The answer to three questions was YES. But let’s answer in turn …

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100% Organic

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Quality has only one name.
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Fontana Milk Factory as an important producer of quality food, wants to be among the leading processors of milk and its products, yogurt, yogurt, cheese in our country and neighboring countries, with continuous improvement of quality and safety of products for customer satisfaction and our customers.

The main activity of the Fontana Milk Factory is the production of short-term and long-term fermented milk products and sterilized cheese (kachkaval, mozzarella, processed cheeses, cottage cheese, krishka cheese, feta cheese and white cheese).

Our Story

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