Our Factory

For more than a quarter of a century, in the Presheva Valley we have been producing the highest quality dairy products, combining traditional knowledge and modern technology.

We Have One Goal

To Provide The Highest Quality Bio-Natural Products.

Our factory supplies milk to farmers in our region in Presevo Valley. Untouched nature and farmers with a long tradition are the guarantor of quality and correctness, most importantly, excellent taste, which they benefit from unpolluted pastures, clean water, sharp air, in areas where there is no industry and large urban areas.

Our work energy has not diminished its intensity at any point.

We are constantly advancing our knowledge through education and monitoring of new world trends in dairy production.

Our customers know the pleasant taste and high quality of the products we offer.

Production at the Fontana milk processing factory takes place under strictly controlled conditions of a closed production cycle that absolutely guarantee correctness and quality. At the beginning of our work, we decided to apply European standards in the organization of production and were certified with HACCP, which guarantees our requirements for high quality. Today, with our professional attitude towards raw milk suppliers, packaging, employees and customers, our factory is established as a leader among small and medium dairies in this part of the region with a tendency to increase it further. production and expand the number of customers.

The allowed daily capacity is 18000 liters of milk, while the processing speed is 3000 liters per hour.

In order to our products to reach the end customers in controlled conditions, we transport them with our dedicated vehicles with cooling systems.

About Us

The factory processing milk Fontana is company for the production of dairy products.

With our products we are present in three countries in the region: Serbia, Kosovo and Northern Macedonia, and we also aim to expand even more.

We buy milk from tens and hundreds of farmers- subcontractors throughout our region and beyond and with them we meet European standards and quality criteria.

The long tradition for nearly three decades, professional staff, modern technology and continuous advancement of production results in many dairy products that we offer every day to our customers.

Our Mission

The milk processing factory Fontana has the mission to meet the needs of consumers by producing traditional high quality dairy products, to preserve the tradition of local products but in an innovative way and to become an ambassador of Albanian products in foreign markets.

Our factory is also socially responsible for increasing the consumption of dairy products in the daily diet of children and adults, due to the vital importance of these products as food. Using the right technologies, Fontana takes care of preserving the environment for future generations, has a responsibility to workers, providing the opportunity for advancement and improvement.

The factory processing milk Fontana also expects applicability of these principles by its customers, suppliers and other partners.

Our Certifications

Grown With Love on Our Factory

We share the pleasure of tasting delicious, healthy, nutritious products with our customers who actively participate in the implementation of our mission which continuously continues to unite the perfect mosaic of a leader in production and quality, which employs people, works to increase the resources of the milk fund in this region and returns well to its environment through socially responsible business.

Enjoy our products!

Arsim Z. Ibrahimi

General Director - CEO

Work Team